Problems Accessing, Experiencing Slowness, Problems with Loading Games

There are times when computers, ipads, netbooks, laptops and all other manner of devices within a school have limited access to certain online resources. These restrictions range from completely disallowing you access to through to just making a little too slow for everyday usage. If you experience any slowness issues, or of you see any problems similar to those presented in the images below please provide the information contained underneath these images to the department, or person responsible for maintaining your computers and internet connection.

Instructions for the IT Department / Administrator

Your networks need to be configured so that they give your users the best experience. To achieve this please make the following changes:

  • Add http://* and https://* to the whitelists on all your Proxy, Content Filter and Firewall Configurations.
  • You must give network priority to traffic passing from inside your network to http://* and https://*
  • Your Proxy, Content Filter and Firewall Configurations should not modify or strip HTTP headers in anyway.
  • Disable Mime / Mime Type filtering in your Proxy, Content Filter and Firewall Configurations specifically for http://* and https://*
  • If you have a Caching Proxy Server in place then you should also set this to cache all static assets such as images, adobe flash, javascript and css files
  • In order to play our multiplayer games, such as Jetstream Riders, your network must allow WebSocket traffic to pass through unmodified. To validate if your infrastructure allows this please visit . If any of the tests in the Environment, andWebSockets Port 443 fail, then your network configuration must be upgraded to support them.


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