Step 4 - Assign Challenges for your students

Setting a challenge is equivalent to assigning work to your students.   To set a challenge for your students, go to the ‘Classes’ tab at the top of your homepage, then select the relevant class from the drop-down menu.

Next, you will be taken to the Gradebook screen.  The first time you access the Gradebook, you will be asked to confirm the Year Group, Key Stage, Grade or age of the students in this class.   This defines the default view of the gradebook for the class, and does not restrict access to content.  In the curriculum view of gradebook, you find appropriate activities to assign by navigating through your curriculum structure.  Click on the pink and grey panels to expand or collapse them.

You can also locate activities to assign to your students by using the ‘Search’ feature.  Either select the activity you wish to assign from the drop-down, or press enter to be shown a list of all activities relating to your search term that you can assign to your students.

To assign a challenge to your student, click on the activity name, then on the arrow that appears.  Then click on ‘Set New Challenge’.

By default, all challenges are assigned to the whole class, and with a due date of one week.  You can also choose to assign the challenge to the students in the class who have ‘Not attempted’, ‘Failed’ or ‘Not Passed’ that activity.  Select the group you want to assign the task to, the due date and add a cover note should you wish to do so.  Then click set.  The task will now appear on your students’ to-do lists the next time they login.

If you would like to differentiate your instruction by assigning a task to an individual or a small group within your class, click on the relevant cell(s) on the Gradebook.  A black outlined circle will appear, indicating the challenge has been assigned.  You can then edit this challenge by clicking on the arrow at the top of the column, as detailed above.

The complete Gradebook is available to schools with a full Mangahigh subscription.  If you would be interested in upgrading your account, please contact us at


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