Head-to-head with Fai-To

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Fai-To competitions are an element of gamification unique to Mangahigh.

Fai-To Tropies

Fai-To is Japanese for encouragement or fighting spirit. In Japan, members of a team will chant “Fai-To” before entering a competition. Fai-To is our contest system that allows for a head-to-head mathematics competition between two schools from around the globe. Any points scored by students during the Fai-To will count towards their school’s total score.

Fai-To does not affect the way that students or teachers use Mangahigh, it’s simply a way to motivate students for an intensive burst of activity.

Participation is student-driven and teachers can request a Fai-To invitation for their school at any time by eMailing a request to support@mangahigh.com.


How long is a Fai-To competition?

The Fai-To ends when one school wins a total of 5 rounds. Each round lasts for 24 hours.

How does it work, and how do students participate?

Schools with similar levels of usage over the last 30 days and students from different grade levels may be in a Fai-To against each other. Any points scored by students during the Fai-To will count towards their school’s total score, including Assignments, Recommended and Free Play challenges. The round battles are won by the student earning the highest medal, regardless of how they access the challenge and the grade level of the content.

Fai-To’s start immediately for schools that:

  • Have not been in a Fai-To in the last 14 days
  • Earned at least 100 medal points since their first day using Mangahigh
Data for last 30 days

  • Earned at least 30 medal points in the last 30 days
  • Click the arrowhead to change the date range on the report view

All Time Medal Count Data

What happens when we are the challenger?

Challengers need to win 5 rounds to capture the Defender’s trophy.

What happens when we are the defender?

Defenders need to win 5 rounds to keep their trophy.

How do we monitor our progress in the Fai-To?

Teachers and students see real-time updates on their dashboards.

  • Click the Leaderboard menu link noted with the school building icon.
  • Click the center section of the page to see real-time updates.
  • There are five, 24-hour rounds of play. You see a progress marker below your school name. Blocks are filled in under your school’s name to indicate each round you win.
  • The bars display the number of points each school has earned so far in the round.
  • Students names scroll through this section. When a student wins a head-to-head with a student from the other school, their name stays and the other students’ name disappears.

Fai-To Progress

Students can earn points towards your school’s Fai-To score by completing any activity on Mangahigh, both playing free play games and completing challenges that have been assigned to them.

  • Each medal that has a point value for the competition. Gold - 3 pointsSilver - 2 pointsBronze - 1 point
  • Each medal earned by a student in a 24 hour round of play is tabulated. The school with the highest number of points at the end of the round wins the round and the round winner is marked with a Gold trophy.
  • Students and teachers see an animation of round’s play when they view the update. Students play head-to-head, with the winning student remaining in the battle. The animation changes depending on which student won the head-to-head, illustrated in the table below.

School A

School B


Bob - 1 Point

Shama - 2 Points

Shama wins

Shama remains and loses 1 point

Shama begins the next round with 1 point

Bob loses

Bob is removed

The round’s point bars showSchool A at 0 points and School B at 2 points

Felix - 3 Points

Shama - 1 Point

Felix wins

Felix remains and loses 1 point

Felix begins the next round with 2 points

Shama loses

Shama is removed

The round’s point bars are updated to show

School A at 2 points and School B at 2 points

Felix - 2 Points

Kym - 2 Points

Each student has the same number of points

The round is a draw

Two new students enter the battle.

  • Round winners have a higher number of points and are marked with a gold trophy.
  • The student with the highest number of points in the winning school of each round is listed as the Round Hero.
  • The Gold trophy next to the round shows which school won the round.

  • The Fai-To ends after a school wins the 5th round.
  • The winning school captures the trophy from the losing school’s trophy case and places it in their own.

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