Revolutionising Education with Mangahigh: Inspired by Alpha School’s AI Success

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Published: May 16, 2024

Andy Mountain, VP of Product,

I wanted to share some exciting insights on how our platform can transform the way students learn mathematics, inspired by the remarkable achievements of Alpha School in Austin, Texas. Read about 'This private school has doubled its teaching speed without human teachers.'

At Mangahigh, we believe our platform can deliver similar groundbreaking results in education. Let me explain how.

Alpha School’s Success Story

Alpha School has set a new standard in education by replacing traditional teaching with AI and 'guides,' significantly accelerating the learning process. Students benefit from personalised lessons tailored to their individual knowledge levels, along with immediate feedback, all at a much faster pace than in a conventional classroom. This innovative approach has doubled teaching speed and revolutionised the learning experience.

Teachers to leverage AI tools to provide customized learning experiences

Building on the success story of Alpha School, where traditional teaching has been transformed by the integration of AI and 'guides', there lies a powerful lesson on how teachers can enhance their role to support diverse learning needs in the classroom. By stepping into the role of guides rather than traditional instructors, teachers can leverage AI tools to provide customized learning experiences that meet the unique pace and style of each student. This shift not only allows for immediate, personalized feedback but also facilitates a deeper understanding of each student's learning journey. Such an environment encourages students to take ownership of their learning, fosters a more inclusive educational setting, and ultimately enhances student engagement by allowing learners to progress at their optimal speed. Teachers, equipped with insights provided by AI, can intervene strategically where necessary, providing targeted support that catalyzes student growth and learning potential. This approach not only revolutionizes the learning experience but also significantly expands the teacher's capacity to address the full spectrum of learning needs within their classroom.

Mangahigh: The Adaptive Learning Platform

Mangahigh is a powerful online platform offering a comprehensive range of mathematics games, tutorials, and quizzes, all aligned with curriculum standards. It’s perfect for various educational settings, whether you’re looking for extra practice, homework alternatives, or blended learning environments. Our platform allows teachers to create classes, assign specific activities, and monitor student progress, all from an intuitive dashboard.

For older students, our Prodigi section is particularly beneficial, covering topics like numbers, algebra, shapes, and data in depth. It’s excellent for test preparation, refreshing skills after a break, or transitioning to advanced mathematics classes. The search tool allows teachers to find activities based on grade level or curriculum standards or even aligned to specific textbooks, ensuring that content is always relevant and appropriately challenging.


Personalised Learning and Immediate Feedback

Like Alpha School, Mangahigh personalises activities for each student and provides instant feedback. Our platform adjusts the difficulty level of the questions based on student performance, offering easier quetions if needed to ensure they grasp the concepts. This method ensures continuous, appropriately challenging progress without frustration.


Encouraging Healthy Competition and Engagement

Mangahigh also incorporates the option of healthy competition to motivate students, if the educators deem this appropriate. Classes can join public leaderboards, allowing students to see how they rank against peers nationally or globally. This competitive element encourages students to strive for their personal best. Earning medals, badges, and rewards keeps them engaged and excited about learning.


Comprehensive Teacher and Student Dashboards

Our platform features robust dashboards for both teachers and students. Teachers can assign activities, track progress and curriculum coverage, and access detailed reports, making it easier to manage and support student learning. Students can access lessons, activities, and games, and monitor their own progress, fostering a sense of responsibility for their learning.

Alpha School has demonstrated the transformative power of AI in education, making learning faster and more personalised. At Mangahigh, we offer a similar innovative experience with our adaptive learning platform, engaging games, and comprehensive dashboards. By utilising Mangahigh, educators can create a fun, effective, and efficient learning environment, driving educational innovation and preparing students for future success.

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