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Published November 24, 2023

By Michelle Kueh


Word problems are the hidden gems of mathematical learning, presenting real-life scenarios that challenge students to apply their mathematical skills in practical contexts. As educators, nurturing students' ability to decipher and solve word problems is crucial in fostering their mathematical proficiency.

Enter Mangahigh's Prodigi activities, a dynamic platform designed to elevate mathematical learning. The incorporation of word problems within Prodigi activities serves as a pivotal tool in training students for real-world problem-solving. These carefully curated scenarios bridge the gap between abstract concepts and their practical applications.

Why the emphasis on word problems, you ask? Word problems prompt critical thinking, requiring students to extract relevant information, apply mathematical concepts, and derive solutions. By engaging with these problems, students not only refine their mathematical abilities but also develop crucial life skills such as analytical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making.


Sample Black Friday Question

Emily wants to buy a new laptop during the Black Friday sale. The original price of the laptop is $800, but during the sale, it's discounted by 25%. Additionally, there is a storewide offer of an extra $50 off on all electronics purchases above $500. If Emily has a budget of $700, will she be able to buy the laptop during the Black Friday sale, considering all the discounts and her budget?

This question involves calculating the discounted price after a percentage reduction, factoring in an additional storewide offer, and determining if the final price fits within Emily's budget. It incorporates percentage discounts, subtraction, and budgeting skills, creating a practical scenario aligned with Black Friday shopping.

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Strong number skills lay the cornerstone for adeptly deciphering and navigating through the complexities of word problems in mathematics. The ability to manipulate numbers with confidence, understand operations, and comprehend numerical relationships forms the bedrock upon which students build their problem-solving prowess. Proficiency in arithmetic, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, fosters a solid foundation essential for dissecting word problems. These foundational skills act as the scaffolding, enabling students to approach word problems with clarity, extract pertinent information, and effectively apply mathematical concepts to real-life scenarios. As educators, nurturing these number skills is pivotal, as they serve as the gateway to unlocking the world of word problems, paving the way for students to become proficient problem solvers equipped for challenges within and beyond the realm of mathematics.

Mangahigh's Games combined with Prodigi adaptive tasks, help students build their number sense effectively.

Here are some games your students can use to master various number skills:

As educators, integrating Mangahigh's games and Prodigi tasks into your lessons, offers a doorway to a richer mathematical learning experience. Mangahigh is not just about solving equations; they're about nurturing problem-solving mindsets, shaping critical thinkers, and empowering students for the mathematical challenges that await them beyond the classroom.

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