What's covered in the Year 5 NAPLAN Skills Revision module?

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  1. Add and subtract large numbers mentally
  2. Recognise place value: hundreds, tens and units
  3. Relate addition to multiplication
  4. Divide
  5. Use fractions
  6. Work with money
  7. Divide by 5
  8. Identify equivalent fractions
  9. Find a fraction of an amount – simple examples
  10. Find a fraction of an amount: standard examples
  11. Round decimals that have up to three decimal places
  12. Multiply and divide whole numbers by 10, 100 and 1000
  13. Solve addition and subtraction problems
  14. Add and subtract simple decimals
  15. Add and subtract decimals
  16. Solve word problems
  17. Identify lines of symmetry
  18. Sort and describe shapes
  19. Learn about position and direction
  20. Work with calendars and dates
  21. Investigate faces, edges and vertices in 3D shapes
  22. Calculate with capacity
  23. Draw and recognise nets
  24. Calculate the area of complex shapes by counting squares
  25. Identify and draw lines of symmetry
  26. Calculate the perimeter of complex shapes
  27. Use timetables and charts
  28. Convert metric units of length
  29. Draw shapes and patterns on a grid
  30. Learn about more properties of 2D shapes
  31. Do calculations using the area of a rectangle
  32. Enlarge on a grid
  33. Use Venn and Carroll Diagrams
  34. List possible outcomes from a single event
  35. Construct and interpret frequency tables
  36. Interpret pie charts

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