How does Mangahigh align to the Growth Mindset approach?

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Students with a Growth Mindset:

  • believe that talents can be developed and abilities can be built over time
  • view mistakes as an opportunity to develop resilience and believe that effort creates success
  • be aware of how they learn 

The Mangahigh teaching and learning model promotes mathematical growth mindset by providing opportunities for students to take ownership of their own learning - placing Growth Mindset into the core of their learning workflow. Here's how:

  1. "Challenges help me grow..." - Questions on Mangahigh's Prodigi learning quiz progressively get harder. Start at EASY, then MEDIUM, HARD and EXTREME. Students see their mathematical talent grow!
  2. "I'm using mistakes to help me grow..." - learn from mistakes, by clicking to review them before trying again!
  3. "Feedback is constructive..." - Click on 'Show Solution' , write down the solution in a reflection sheet/workbook. Once all mistakes have been reviewed, click play again.
  4. "I am inspired by the success of others..." - an aspirational leaderboard showing Top 5 students in each activity can help students try again and aim higher
  5. "My effort and attitude determine my abilities..." - Don't give up, play again! It usually takes several attempts to pass an activity. Everytime you play again, you get a different set of questions, and start at the level that was reached previously. Gradually work towards Hard and Extreme questions.
  6. "I like to try new things..." - Combine games that develop fluency, with Prodigi adaptive quizzes to develop deeper, more meaningful mathematical understanding and reasoning

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