Addressing Mathematics Challenges in Upper Primary School

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The Role of MangaHigh in a Shifting Educational Landscape

Upper primary school teachers today are grappling with a significant issue that has been magnified in the wake of the global pandemic: the widening gap in mathematics understanding and achievement. As we navigate the post-COVID educational landscape, research indicates that students are experiencing notable learning losses, particularly in the fields of mathematics and STEM. Oxford University education researchers, found in some cases children lost the 35% of a school year in learning between 2020-2022, as published in Nature Human Behaviour.

In Australia and New Zealand, studies have shown an average learning loss equivalent to several months, with disparities even more pronounced among disadvantaged groups. This gap poses a critical threat to foundational mathematical understanding, which is essential for students' future success in STEM fields and beyond.

In the United States, "as schools closed their buildings in the spring of 2020, students fell behind rapidly, learning almost no new math content over the final few months of the 2019–20 school year", published in a report by McKinsey & Co.

The challenge for educators is to address these learning gaps effectively and efficiently, ensuring that all students can catch up and thrive. Here lies the potential of MangaHigh, a platform designed to rekindle engagement and foster deep mathematical understanding.

How MangaHigh Offers a Solution

MangaHigh stands out by offering an adaptive learning platform that tailors the difficulty of mathematics games and tasks to meet the individual needs of each student. This personalized approach ensures that students are neither bored with content that is too easy nor overwhelmed by concepts that are too challenging. By aligning with the curriculum and offering a wide range of activities, MangaHigh provides a comprehensive tool for teachers to address varied learning needs within their classrooms.

Here, our mathematics coach shows students learning about lengths in a triangle using one of Mangahigh's game - Pyramid Panic.

MangaHigh's engaging and interactive format can help reinvigorate students' interest in mathematics. The gamified learning experience makes mathematics accessible and fun, encouraging students to explore new concepts and practice skills without the high-stakes pressure of traditional assessments.

What Research Says About Mathematics and STEM Progression

Recent research underscores the importance of early mathematical proficiency as a cornerstone for future academic and career success. Studies have found that gaps in foundational mathematics skills can lead to continued struggles and disengagement in STEM subjects. This is particularly concerning as STEM fields drive innovation and economic growth. Educational technology, like MangaHigh, can play a crucial role in reversing this trend by providing engaging, customized learning experiences that meet students where they are.

The Critical Nature of Addressing Learning Loss Now

The average learning loss in mathematics post-COVID is not just a temporary setback; it's a growing chasm that, if left unaddressed, could have long-term implications for students’ academic trajectories and future workforce participation. It's imperative to act swiftly to address these gaps, preventing a generation of students from falling irreversibly behind.

Incorporating tools like MangaHigh into daily learning can be a significant step toward mitigating these losses. By leveraging adaptive technology, students can rebuild lost skills, regain confidence, and progress at their own pace. For teachers, MangaHigh provides data-driven insights to identify areas of weakness and tailor instruction accordingly.

Start with Times Table Mastery with Mangahigh

As we move forward, it is crucial that educational interventions are implemented to address the mathematical learning losses experienced by students post-COVID. MangaHigh offers an innovative and engaging platform to support teachers in this mission, helping to ensure that all students can achieve mathematical proficiency. By prioritizing foundational mathematics skills now, we can prevent long-term learning deficits and secure a brighter future for our students.

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