Celebrating the Triumph of the Maths Superhero Challenge at Knights of Knowledge International School

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Date: 16th May 2024

Author: The Mangahigh Success Team

We are thrilled to spotlight the remarkable success of the recent Middle East Maths Superhero Challenge hosted by Mangahigh, particularly the extraordinary achievements of the students at Knights of Knowledge International School, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (KKIS). This intense and spirited 10-day challenge saw 905 students engage wholeheartedly, demonstrating unwavering dedication as they vied to reach the top of the leaderboard.

A Remarkable Showcase of Determination and Skill

The students at Knights of Knowledge International School (aka. 'The Knights') worked tirelessly, both day and night, to excel in the challenge. Their commitment was nothing short of inspiring, with the school community coming together to support their efforts. The challenge became a focal point of excitement and learning, beautifully led and celebrated by the school’s dedicated teachers.

Impressive Numbers Speak Volumes

The statistics from the challenge are a testament to the students' hard work and passion for mathematics. Over the course of the challenge, students completed more than 2200 hours of math, solving over 1 million math questions. These numbers not only reflect the immense effort put in by the students but also the effective engagement and educational quality provided by the Mangahigh platform.

  • 50,000+ points earned
  • 2,200+ hours active time learning math
  • 19,000+ independent activities completed
  • 5,200+ AI recommended activities successfully completed

Mangahigh and Knights of Knowledge International School aligns

In alignment with the mission of KKIS to nurture future leaders through dynamic and inclusive education, a partnership with Mangahigh represents a strategic enhancement to KKIS's educational offerings. Mangahigh’s innovative platform, which combines rigorous academic content with engaging game-based learning, perfectly complements KKIS's curriculum by making complex mathematical concepts accessible and enjoyable. This collaboration enables the school to foster a more interactive learning environment where students can apply their knowledge in exciting, real-world scenarios, thus encouraging not just academic excellence but also critical thinking and problem-solving skills. By integrating Mangahigh’s resources, KKIS empowers students to take charge of their learning, promoting autonomy, student agency and preparing them to meet the challenges of tomorrow with confidence and creativity. This alignment is a testament to the school's commitment to employing cutting-edge technology to enhance educational outcomes and support their students in becoming proactive, informed, and conscientious leaders.

The Power of Mangahigh in Education

Mangahigh has proven itself as a formidable tool in the realm of educational technology, particularly in enhancing the teaching and learning of mathematics. The platform's game-based learning approach and neuroscience-backed strategies ensure that students are not just learning but are thoroughly engaged and enjoying the process.

Looking Ahead: Long-Term Implementation of Mangahigh

The success of the Maths Superhero Challenge is just the beginning. Implementing Mangahigh as a consistent part of a homework program offers numerous long-term benefits. Regular interaction with the platform helps solidify math concepts, improve problem-solving skills, and enhance students' overall confidence in mathematics.

By making Mangahigh a staple in their educational toolkit, schools can provide students with a fun, engaging, and highly beneficial way to explore and master mathematics. It encourages a positive attitude towards the subject and fosters a culture of curiosity and resilience among students.

A Bright Future for Math Education

We are immensely proud of what the students at Knights of Knowledge International School have achieved and are excited about the future of math education with Mangahigh. As more schools witness the benefits of integrating this innovative platform into their curriculum, we look forward to seeing a new generation of students who not only excel in math but also love the journey of learning it.

Mangahigh is committed to continuing its mission of transforming math education worldwide, making it a more enjoyable, accessible, and impactful experience for all students.

For personal support, reach out to Ms Ritika Subhash, Teacher Coach at Mangahigh. Email: ritika.subhash@mangahigh.com

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