Mathematics Lessons by our Lead Teacher

Updated by Michelle

Our very own Schools Director and Lead Teacher, Chris Green, taught mathematics for over 15 years. Chris delivered live lessons on Mangahigh's YouTube Channel to model best practices in delivering a blended learning lesson, using Mangahigh.

Each lesson consists of these elements:

  1. An introduction of the mathematics topic
  2. Examples on how to solve the mathematics problem
  3. Practicing easy and medium questions on a Mangahigh activity together
  4. Individual work: allowing students to practise hard questions on a Mangahigh activity
  5. Summary

Feel free to preview these lessons for inspiration, or share these lesson recordings with your students. Make sure your students are logged in to Mangahigh beforehand and have a pencil and paper ready for Chris' mathematics classes!

Number and Algebra

Measurement and Geometry

How Did We Do?