M-Fluencers Maths Quest

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Mangahigh hosts regular 'M-Fluencers Math Quest' Competitions as an opportunity for students to fast-track their mathematics learning (and revision).

During regular use of Mangahigh, students complete mathematics activities that are:

  1. set by their teacher, or
  2. automatically recommended by the Mangahigh virtual tutor system (based on their learning level),
  3. identified by the individual student from a list of curriculum-based mathematics activities

During a competition period, students fast-track their learning by completing an extraordinary number of additional activities, as these contribute towards winning amazing prizes!

Students success is also displayed on a school-based leaderboard. Importantly, students only have access to activities that are level-appropriate - meaning that their heightened efforts actually contributes to their overall mathematics progression.

The collective achievements of students in a school, places your school on a Special Events Leaderboard - which in-turn can win your school amazing prizes.

Visit our competition page here

Visit our competition page here for the latest competition for your region!

Taking part is free for all schools and it’s a great opportunity to celebrate mathematics success, while putting a spotlight on mathematics in your school community!

How to Succeed on Mangahigh

On Mangahigh, successful completion of a mathematics activity is indicated by achieving a Bronze, Silver or a Gold standard.

This in converted into 'medal points':

  • Bronze = 1 medal point
  • Silver = 2 medal points
  • Gold = 3 medal points

It is the accumulation of medal points during the competition period that place students (and schools) on the competition leaderboard.

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