How do I assign activities to one or more students?

Updated by Michelle

  1. Click the drop down arrow on the top left of the screen then select your class's name from the list
    Classes have a person icon next to the name, the school has a building icon

  1. Search for a challenge to assign then click the tile to select it
  2. Click ASSIGN (Click PLAY to view the challenge before you set it)
  3. Edit the assignment start and due date or use the default dates
  4. Toggle the switch to disable/enable the Prodigi timer
  5. Decide who will receive the assignment
    1. Click the black arrowhead above the checkboxes for bulk assignment options
    2. Click the checkboxes to select/deselect individual students
  6. Send a notification with the challenge if you want to deliver a message with a link to the challenge to your students' inboxes
  7. Click DONE

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