Order of Operations with 'RoboOps'


Age 9-12

Order of operations:

  • Addition and subtraction
  • All four operations
  • Including brackets


Use your division, multiplication, addition and subtraction - essential skills for BIDMAS, the order of operations to save the Roborators.

Professor BIDMAS has taken over the Roborators, forcing them to destroy the air purification machine. As a computer security expert, we can save the Roborators by decrypting the key above their heads.

Use the keypad on the computer panel to answer the question.

Use more powerful CPU cycles to rescue the Roborators quicker.

Click on a Roborator to magnify the decryption key.

Answer as many questions as possible within the time limit.


For each level, beat the target score to earn a medal (Bronze, Silver, Gold)

  • Target score >>> 3000-5999 points (B), 6000-8999 points (S), 9000+ points (G)

Scoring calculation

The score is calculated as follows:


  • 10 points per correct answer
  • 20 points per correct answer
  • 40 points per correct answer
  • 80 points per correct answer
  • 160 points per correct answer

DIFFICULTY MULTIPLIER: The multiplier is located in the top UI of the game. Players move up a difficulty by getting 3 correct and move down a difficulty by getting 2 incorrect.

DISTANCE: Points are awarded for the distance a robot has travelled. Robots travel from the right to the left of the screen. The greater the distance they travel the more points they gain, up to a maximum of 100 points.

BONUSES: For the three most difficult robots (monocycle, spider and tank), you get a bonus 3,000 points for the first time you answer a question for a robot of that type. That means if you encounter all robot types in a stage and answer at least one question for each of them, you get an extra 9,000 points in bonuses.

Learn how to assign a game activity here.

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