Mangahigh Celebrates Inclusion in the TIME Magazine Top 250 EdTech Companies List of 2024

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We are thrilled to announce that Mangahigh has been recognized as one of the Top 250 EdTech companies in 2024 by TIME and Statista. This prestigious list highlights leaders in educational technology across all aspects, including K-12, higher education, and corporate learning environments.

The recognition comes in a year when the role of EdTech has proven to be indispensable. Despite the return to more traditional classroom and office settings post-pandemic, the integration of online learning within education and professional development continues to thrive and expand. The top rankings this year were dominated by companies that have significantly impacted the way learning is delivered, demonstrating the staying power of digital education solutions.

Mangahigh, known for transforming math education through fun, interactive learning, stands out as a beacon of innovation in the K-12 sector. The platform's commitment to enhancing educational outcomes through game-based learning and adaptive technologies has made it a favorite among educators aiming to boost engagement and achievement in mathematics.

The rankings by TIME and Statista were meticulously derived from a blend of financial strength and industry impact, underscoring the effectiveness and reach of the featured companies. Notably, Eruditus led the global rankings with impressive financial growth, highlighting the expanding market for online education which continues to embrace diverse and innovative learning solutions.

The U.S. led the geographical representation, while notable companies from China, the U.K., and Brazil also made significant impacts. Brazil's burgeoning EdTech scene, in particular, reflects a growing trend where educational technology is addressing critical gaps in educational attainment and skill development.

As part of this elite list, Mangahigh is proud to contribute to a global movement that values educational accessibility, engagement, and efficacy. We are committed to continuing our mission of making mathematics learning enjoyable and effective for students around the world.

Thank you to all the educators, students, and partners who have been part of our journey. Your support and feedback have been instrumental in our success and will continue to drive us forward. Here’s to many more years of making mathematics learning exciting and impactful!

For more information on Mangahigh and our innovative approach to math education, visit our website and join the community of educators who are shaping the future of teaching and learning.

Stay tuned to our blog for further insights into how educational technologies like Mangahigh are transforming classrooms globally and continuing to make a significant impact in the evolving landscape of education.

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