Facilitate a Training at Your School

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We are happy to support your efforts to train your staff. We recommend that you meet with your success coach before you provide the training to discuss ways to help everyone get the most out of Mangahigh.

We suggest that you provide 2 sessions to teachers to avoid overloading teachers with too much information in one session. Trainers should work through each task for the sessions so that they can determine the amount of time to spend in each area.

Session 1 Focus: Accounts, Rosters, Setting Assignments and Progress Monitoring

Session 2 Focus: Data Mining and Reports

Contact your school's success coach to request a sandbox school or class for your training if you would like a "safe" place for teachers to practice using program features.

Training Preparation
  1. Set up your school's classes and accounts. Contact your school's success coach or support@mangahigh.com for help.
  2. Download the Editable Training Slide Deck
    1. Modify the slide deck to fit your school's implementation
  3. Download the Training Guide and make a copy to distribute to teachers in the session
Session 1 Objectives
  • How to Get Help
  • Working with Classes and Accounts
  • Assignments
  • Monitor Assignment Data
Session 1 Training Outline and Resources

Distribute Training Guide

  1. At the start of the training, distribute hard copies for them to pre-assess their understanding of program functionality
  2. During the training, teachers answer the questions on the guide and make notes on the sheet
  3. After the training, teachers use the sheet as a reference to remember Mangahigh's features

Training Guide

Teachers Log Into Their Mangahigh Accounts

Student & Teacher Login

Share the Ways Teachers Will Get Help

  • Share Procedures for Help from the Implementation Manager at Your School
  • Share Your School's Success Coach's Contact Information
  • In-App Chat
  • support@mangahigh.com

Share Your School's Goals and Expectations for the Implementation

Best Practices

Instructional Strategies

Gamification and Game Based Learning

Mangahigh Vocabulary

Competition on Mangahigh

Present Slides

Help teachers understand:

  • The difference between Prodigi and Games
  • The difference between Assigned, Recommended, and Free Play
  • How student performance is reported using medals instead of grades


  • How students work through games when they select a game in Free Play and when assigned by the teacher
  • How to access in-game help
  • How to access Teacher Game Guides


  • How students work through a Prodigi
  • How students analyze errors in Prodigi
  • How students improve their medal score in Prodigi

Student Dashboard

  • Help students find assignments
  • Help students find recommendations

Download Training Slide Deck

Download Student Orientation Slide Deck

Learn to Edit and Modify Classes and Accounts

Teachers click through on their own devices as you project the steps

  • Open your school's Mangahigh dashboard
  • Walk teachers through the process
  • Give teachers time to explore, practice, and create their classes

Help Docs

Help Videos

Learn to Find Challenges and Set Assignments

Teachers click through on their own devices as you project the steps

  • Open your school's Mangahigh dashboard
  • Walk teachers through the process
  • Give teachers time to explore, practice, and set a few assignments

Help Docs

Help Videos

Learn to Monitor Assignment Progress

  • School Assignments Link on the Mangahigh Dashboard: How to find data for the whole school and your classes
  • Emphasize the importance of monitoring number of attempts and that intervention is necessary after the 3rd unsuccessful attempt

Help Docs

Help Videos

Session 2 Objectives
  • Share successes and challenges
  • Address functionality questions
  • Learn to use Reports to support data driven instruction
Session 2 Training Outline and Resources


What observations do you have to share?

What do you need help with?

Group Discussion

Learn How to Use Reports

View and Download Reports

Achievement Report

Assignment Report & Grid View

Independent Report

Effort Report

Facilitate Data Review

Teachers review data in grade level teams or individually. Create a poster that communicates:

  • Where do students show success?
  • Where do students show struggle?
  • 3 Interesting data points
  • 3 Action items that you will take based on your data

Create an exemplar poster using the whole school's data before the session.

Share the poster before teachers begin working on their own.

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