NAPLAN Toolkit for Australian students

Updated 4 months ago by Michelle

Mangahigh activities can help your students fast track their NAPLAN Numeracy preparation.

  1. Complete the NAPLAN preparation quiz (Test 1)
    1. NAPLAN Year 3
    2. NAPLAN Year 5
    3. NAPLAN Year 7
    4. NAPLAN Year 9
  2. Using the answer sheet provided, students mark their own quiz
  3. For each incorrect answer, complete the corresponding suggested Mangahigh activity
  4. Login to the Mangahigh student platform and use the ‘Browse all activities’ option, and type in the title of the Mangahigh activity. Complete the activity and earn a minimum of Bronze medal.
  5. Once students have completed all Mangahigh activities previously marked as incorrect, they are ready to complete the post-prep quiz (Test 2).
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 as necessary for extra revision

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