Case Study: New Indian Model School's Innovative Approach to Math Learning with Mangahigh

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In the diverse educational landscape of the Middle East, the New Indian Model School (NIMS) stands out for its progressive and innovative approach to mathematics education. This case study explores how NIMS integrates Mangahigh, a leading global educational platform developed by expert teams in the UK, into their curriculum. Mangahigh is renowned for leveraging the power of gaming to transform classroom settings, making math both fun and effective.


NIMS has a longstanding commitment to providing high-quality education that equips students with the skills necessary for the 21st century. The school sought to enhance its math program by incorporating technology that not only improves understanding but also fosters a love for learning.

New Indian Model School Staff members with Mangahigh


NIMS implemented Mangahigh as a core part of their mathematics curriculum across multiple grades. The platform's intuitive design and engaging content allow students to explore various mathematical concepts through interactive games and challenges. These activities are designed to promote a growth mindset, encouraging students to view challenges as opportunities for learning and personal development.

Highlights of Mangahigh’s Impact at NIMS

  • Global Perspective: Mangahigh, with its roots in the UK and used by schools worldwide, provides a global context to learning, preparing students at NIMS for international standards and thinking.
  • Growth Mindset: The challenges on Mangahigh are tailored to encourage persistence and commitment. Students learn to embrace mistakes as part of the learning process, enhancing their problem-solving skills and resilience.
  • Student Agency: By allowing students to take control of their learning through self-paced challenges, Mangahigh fosters student agency. This empowerment is crucial in developing independent learners who are motivated to pursue their educational goals.
  • Quantifiable Success: Since the integration of Mangahigh, NIMS has observed measurable improvements in students' engagement and performance in mathematics. The gamified environment not only makes learning enjoyable but also highly effective.


Teachers and students at NIMS have expressed great enthusiasm for Mangahigh.

Zabreena, Assistant Head of Middle School at NIMS, explains that "We have seen a very big difference... Students are finding math learning more interesting with the use of ICT in the classroom. This has given students experience in games based learning, which is more interesting compared to traditional teaching."

Zaheda Thasneem, Head of Mathematics (Primary) noted "Students have done wonderful work using Mangahigh Maths adaptive program. They have developed their mental abilities, and doing very well in using maths applications. It has shown a very good impact in internal and external assessments."

Watch Zaheda's video testimonial here.

The students are more engaged, and they genuinely enjoy tackling new topics.” A student added, “Math used to be intimidating, but with Mangahigh, I look forward to it. I feel like I’m playing, but I’m learning a lot too!”

The success story of NIMS with Mangahigh is a compelling example for schools across the Middle East. It highlights the potential of integrating innovative digital tools into educational curricula to enhance learning outcomes. NIMS’s experience illustrates that with the right tools, education can be both enjoyable and highly effective, preparing students not just to pass exams, but to excel in all aspects of learning and development.


We invite other schools in the region to explore how Mangahigh can make a difference in their classrooms. By adopting this innovative platform, schools can provide their students with an engaging and enriching mathematical learning experience that builds the foundation for lifelong success.

For more information on how to integrate Mangahigh into your curriculum, please contact us. Let’s work together to transform education and inspire our students to achieve greatness.

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