Webinar: Middle School Office Hours - Using Mangahigh for Remote Learning

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Presenter: Candace Stump (Director of Partnerships, Mangahigh.com)

Date of presentation: 22 April 2020

Webinar recording:


Middle School Office Hours - Using Mangahigh for Remote Learning

00:14:28 dawnettebrenner: I can’t hear you

00:16:31 dawnettebrenner: Hey, looks like my classroom living number line. LOL

00:18:00 dawnettebrenner: Maximize your screen

00:31:14 dawnettebrenner: Are thought that wasn’t the best way to do it?

00:31:20 dawnettebrenner: Oops, “I”

00:32:09 Erik Moll: Hi Dawnette.  :)  You can do this however it works best for you. 

00:33:51 Jillian Eberlin: Are we doing the Grade 7 version or one of the other ones?

00:34:58 Erik Moll: https://app.mangahigh.com/curriculum//30

00:35:32 Anthony Brusate: Do you want us logged in as teachers or students?  Does it matter?  I’d set up both so

00:35:40 Anthony Brusate: I could see what the students see

00:36:40 Li-Shien Lee: I am zoom on iPad, getting my Chromebook to go on MangaHigh....

00:37:10 Seth Jenkins: One of the things that is unclear is when the assignment is completed you don’t get an indication that it is complete.  You should have a banner that  announces, “Great You Are Done with this activity!”

00:37:11 Hweijuan Jang: In Mangahigh

00:38:32 Seth Jenkins: I just did the exercise using one of my student accounts and when I was done, I wanted a reward!! And indication that I should go on to the next thing.

00:38:43 Seth Jenkins: An not and

00:38:53 Anthony Brusate: Talk briefly about the two free hints and one free solve. I’ve been asking my students to try until they get bronze or better.

00:39:04 Anthony Brusate: How do these affect the scores?

00:41:08 Anthony Brusate: Thanks

00:41:51 Anthony Brusate: Does it monitor ACTIVE minutes? Or can they let it run and do nothing?

00:42:40 Michelle Oropeza: Does Mangahigh have the capability to connect to Google classroom?  To assign prodigi lessons.

00:44:41 Erik Moll: Yes, you can get a link for an assignment to share in Google classroom.

00:44:57 Michelle Oropeza: Thank you.

00:48:08 Li-Shien Lee: good to know they can do this without Internet

00:50:14 Anthony Brusate: How does it know Alden’s grade level?  Is this from assessment or something we need to set?

00:51:24 Karen Atkinson: How do you get to the grid view?

00:51:59 Hweijuan Jang: NWEA MAP scores usable in Mangahigh for assignments personalization ?

00:52:25 Kevin Pielak: Yes

00:52:44 dawnettebrenner: Where did you get the ‘grid view’?

00:54:41 Hweijuan Jang: @Kevin Pielak Thanks! Do you know which page for me to enter NWEA MAP RIT scores?

00:55:17 Anthony Brusate: Alden’s grade level...

00:55:38 Kevin Pielak: No

00:56:35 Todd Randolph: Reminders to set curriculum focus are pretty prominent after upload

00:59:01 Seth Jenkins: Question about tallying time on task, is the time record active minutes only? Or do they get credit for sitting passively logged in.

00:59:10 Hweijuan Jang: Would there be a way to use NWEA MAP results for personalized assignments at this moment?

01:00:04 Todd Randolph: I cannot find activities related to converting _between_ systems (imperial to metric, etc)?

01:00:52 Anthony Brusate: Do games give medals as well?

01:01:25 Anthony Brusate: Itzy the spider with geometry is addictive, too.

01:05:11 Erik Moll: Itzy great for upper MS

01:08:11 Todd Randolph: Okay, thx

01:09:27 Anthony Waara: Thanks for the presentation. I'm new to Manga High, but I'm excited to learn more. Any suggestions? 

01:10:03 Erik Moll: Check-in with Candace about ongoing webinar schedule.

01:10:21 Anthony Brusate: How difficult is that to use in distance learning. It sounds like it would work better with a class in person.

01:11:09 Anthony Waara: Thanks Erik. :)

01:11:39 Candace Stump: I’ll stay on and answer questions. Thank you!

01:12:53 Todd Randolph: How does mangahigh tie into google for notifications

01:13:26 kim.mason: Thank you! I'll check in again next week...

01:13:44 Anthony Brusate: I mean the classroom format. This has been working well for me. I have some student embracing it.

01:13:54 Li-Shien Lee: Ontario curriculum has not covered negative numbers in grade 6. is there a way to avoid negative numbers in Prodigi questions and games?

01:15:18 Seth Jenkins: If students had already created accounts but had not linked them to gmail can you do this retroactively?

01:16:26 Todd Randolph: Okay, so if I uploaded all my students but not their emails, they will be “in the system” but not able to perform activities until they officially join w email

01:16:58 Seth Jenkins: That was how I was doing it.

01:18:41 Seth Jenkins: thank you.

01:18:43 Todd Randolph: thx

01:18:44 Li-Shien Lee: thanks

01:18:49 Anthony Brusate: thx

01:20:07 Seth Jenkins: Time on learning- is it active or passive in terms of time record.

01:20:10 Kevin Pielak: Thanks

01:20:57 Seth Jenkins: that’s ok, thank you.

01:21:23 Hweijuan Jang: How to start personalization with no prior Manga High for 7,8,9th graders? I have NWEA MAP scores.

01:21:48 Seth Jenkins: Great, have a good afternoon.

01:22:35 Candace Stump: candace.stump@mangahigh.com

01:22:51 Anthony Brusate: Thanks

01:22:54 Hweijuan Jang: Thx!

01:23:24 Anthony Brusate: Do you have one for high school classes?

01:23:35 Anthony Brusate: :)

01:23:59 Sandra Nelson: Thank you

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