Winners of NA Math Madness Rally 2023 announced

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Massive cheers and applause to every student who joined the thrill of Mangahigh's Math Madness Rally 2023!

What an astounding showcase of dedication, hard work, and phenomenal growth throughout the week! From November 13th to 23rd, over 5,500 students from all corners of North America poured their hearts into this challenge, making it a truly remarkable event of math mastery and growth!

We started the rally with a goal of 50 points earned to gain an entry into the Amazon Giftcard draw. There were ten Amazon $25 Giftcards up for grabs.

Each student were allocated a ticket number randomly, and Google Random Number Generator was used to draw the winning tickets.

View the recording of the live draw here:

Winners of the $25 Amazon Giftcard

  • Nolan S (7s Math) Good Shepherd School
  • Luke L (Math 8A) Rothesay Netherwood School
  • Ivan Z (6 McCallum) Rothesay Netherwood School
  • Simo A (Math 8A) Rothesay Netherwood School
  • James P (Mr. Perez-Garreaud's Class) The Mount Vernon School
  • Krish C (Mrs. McNair's Class) The Mount Vernon School
  • Michael W (CM2) Austin International School
  • Jacob N (6th Grade Math) Austin International School
  • Logan S (7-1 Math) Carthage Middle School
  • Kylie M (7-1 Math) Cathage Middle School

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