Webinar: Elementary Office Hours - Using Mangahigh with Distance Learning

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Presenter: Candace Stump (Director of Partnerships, Mangahigh.com)

Date of presentation: 23 April 2020

Webinar recording:


Elementary Office Hours: Using Mangahigh with Distance Learning

00:30:39 Anna Rentz: No! :)

00:48:59 Candace Stump: https://voicethread.com/

00:55:23 Anna Rentz: I don’t think so! Thank you so much for this information! I just was introduced to MangaHigh by watching a webinar from the Ron Clark Academy! I’m excited to start trying it out a little more.

01:03:51 Candace Stump: artofproblemsolving.com (YouTube)

01:04:33 Anna Rentz: I’m so sorry but the weather is getting really severe here in Coastal Georgia! I’m going to be signing off, but I truly appreciate the guidance and encouragement! I am super excited to get involved! THANK YOU!

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