Exit Ticket

An Exit Ticket is a few questions, written at different levels of complexity, completed by students at the end of a lesson to formatively assess understanding of key concepts.

Students who complete paper and pencil exit ticket may rush through completion making it hard to tell if errors are “sloppy mistakes” or true misunderstandings. You'll save valuable planning time when students complete a Mangahigh challenge to assess learning. Instead of writing questions and grading students' work, you focus on the results of the assessment and the next steps in instruction. Teachers can present the class’ performance data to students then ask them if they think the class is ready to move on or review. This gives students a chance to practice analyzing meaningful data and take ownership of their learning.

  1. Assign a Mangahigh challenge that aligns with they key learning objective for the lesson
  2. Teach the lesson
  3. Students begin working on the Exit Ticket 15 minutes before dismissal
  4. Students complete the Mangahigh challenge, replaying as many times as they can before dismissal
  5. At the start of the next class period, display the Exit Ticket data to the class
    1. Hide student names on the report you display
    2. Lead a discussion that ends with the class deciding if they are ready to move forward if a review of yesterday's lesson is needed

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