Webinar: Using MH for Middle School with Erik Moll

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Presenter: Candace Stump (Director of Partnerships, Mangahigh.com) with Erik Moll

Date of presentation: 29 April 2020

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Percent Increase and Decrease - Calculator_MH https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QjQnq0yxh5XRRMlmpJdt7C7_JI6-gKBIxi1jMxgkv70/edit

Webinar - Using MH for Middle School with Erik Moll, Apr 29.

00:10:39 Erik Moll: Hi everyone.

00:11:19 Erik Moll: Welcome Naomi Goodman, Math 7 teacher Abbott MS.

00:11:39 Erik Moll: Hi Beth

00:16:19 Dana Gray: New, 7th grade math teacher

00:16:42 Beth Watson: I teach 8th and 6th grade math.  I attended one other session.  

00:17:06 Karina Ore: New , 6th  and 7th grade 

00:17:14 Keren Vergon: New, I teach 9-12 math to severely intellectually disable students.

00:17:16 Eden Philp: Hi, I'm now to Mangahigh and I have never been to a web session.

00:17:26 Eden Philp: I mean new.

00:17:37 Candace Stump: Welcome!

00:18:16 Naomi: One week ago, actually

00:29:12 Naomi: Honestly, I'm more proud of the Percent Increase video and including the idea of price gouging

00:30:32 Beth Watson: Naomi what are you using to record your lessons?  

00:30:53 Keren Vergon: .8

00:30:57 Karina Ore: 0.8

00:30:59 Dawn Grady: .8

00:31:04 Naomi: Screencast-o-matic. It's free, but there's no real editing ability and the maximum video length is 15 minutes

00:31:36 Naomi: 14*0.15

00:32:26 Keren Vergon: .48

00:32:53 Naomi: 50%

00:34:14 Naomi: It enables students to identify incorrect answers as well as correct ones?

00:34:27 Keren Vergon: practice with distractors?

00:34:42 Beth Watson: Some of my students have trouble with the drag and drop with the touch pads on chromebooks

00:35:28 Sandra’s iPad: 29.26

00:35:51 Keren Vergon: 85.33

00:35:51 Naomi: 85.33 is the only one that makes sense

00:36:06 Keren Vergon: Naomi is right

00:36:29 Naomi: the bottom left

00:36:49 Naomi: 63

00:36:59 Keren Vergon: 63

00:37:12 Keren Vergon: 28.35

00:37:14 Naomi: 28.35

00:38:02 Naomi: How does one even get a gold medal, since you answered everything correctly but only got a bronze medal?

00:38:18 Keren Vergon: you have to replay?

00:38:21 Dawn Grady: Time?

00:38:58 Naomi: Are the questions randomly generated each time, or will students repeat questions?

00:39:28 Keren Vergon: Are we able to see which specific questions a student may get wrong to review the solution with them later?

00:39:31 Sandra’s iPad: what happens if they didn’t do well

00:39:40 Naomi: So they're not randomly generated, they're randomly chosen. Good to know, thank you

00:40:23 Sandra’s iPad: What happens if they don’t do well

00:40:47 Erik Moll: Remind students that 1 play is 10 questions so we want them to play beyond 1 play.

00:41:01 Keren Vergon: I understand that and agree, but with my special group of kids, this doesn't quite work so well for me.  Many need lots of guidance due to their disabilities.

00:41:44 Keren Vergon: Yes, I am assigning much lower levels right now, and I love the adaptability of this program.

00:42:32 Erik Moll: @Keren - The games are also fun for students. We are only looking at Prodigi right now but kids love the games.

00:42:38 Naomi: Can you assign something to just one student?

00:42:59 Keren Vergon: Yes, I wish there were even more games.  But I rally like the support that IS built in.

00:43:04 Keren Vergon: Yes, yu can assign to just one student

00:43:09 Keren Vergon: Yay

00:43:14 Naomi: great, thanks Karen

00:43:18 Naomi: I mean Keren, sorry

00:43:50 Keren Vergon: No problem!

00:47:09 Naomi: I don't have a request for sharing

00:49:09 Naomi: OK, done

00:55:37 Keren Vergon: Thank you for sharing, Naomi.

00:58:45 Naomi: Explain Everything is pretty good, too

00:59:00 Beth Watson: I've just connected my doc camera to my laptop and recorded videos that way.  

00:59:19 Keren Vergon: We are using Screencastify

00:59:33 Erik Moll: Doc camera is a great way too.

01:01:07 Naomi: I appreciate your use of the word hella for a Northern California girl like me

01:01:44 Naomi: Thank you

01:02:12 Erik Moll: For anyone who is not from NorCal.  This is the expression that relates to "wicked" in New England and so on.

01:02:18 Naomi: Yes.

01:04:54 Erik Moll: This is popular with 6th graders

01:07:03 Keren Vergon: Thank you for the webcast.

01:07:05 Beth Watson: Thanks!  

01:07:13 Karina Ore: thanks

01:07:13 Dana Gray: Thank you Naomi for sharing all your hard work with us all.

01:07:16 Dawn Grady: Thank you Naomi, and everyone!

01:07:28 Sandra’s iPad: Thank you

01:07:45 Candace Stump: Neuroscience of Learning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQvCBxPqqF8

01:07:47 Kevin Pielak: Thanks everyone

01:07:53 Naomi: You're very welcome

01:07:55 Dana Gray: Please leave that on the bottom for the rest of us

01:08:35 Erik Moll: Thanks everyone for attending!

01:08:44 Naomi: Bye y'all

01:08:52 Dana Gray: Thank you for the session today!

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