Function Machines with 'Bubble Function'


Ages 9-15

Function Machines incorporating:

  • add, multiply, divide or subtract by 2
  • multiply by 1 or -1, 2 or -2
  • powers of 1 and 0
  • standard form


In this game, use the function machine to produce the output you need. Use the output to match at least 3 numbered bubbles of the same value.

  1. Take a look at the function machine and see if the output matches any of the existing bubbles in the garden.
  2. If it does, then click on the location in the garden where you want to position your output bubble.
  3. If your output bubble matches a cluster of 3 or more bubbles of the same value, then the cluster of bubbles will pop.
  4. Use the function switch to change the function, to produce an output that matches other bubbles in the field.


For each level of this game, complete the relevant level and beat the Target Score to earn a medal (Bronze, Silver, Gold).

  • Complete level >> Target Score >>> 250-499 (B), 500-999 (S), 1000+ (G)

Scoring calculation

The Efficiency Bonus

  • Players will get a bonus for playing efficiently. Meaning the least number of shots needed to complete the game, the better.
  • The efficiency is calculated as
  • There are 3 bands of Efficiency Bonus
  • As an example, Number of starting bubbles are 4, and it took 7 shots to clear. The Efficiency in this case is 7/4 = 1.75. This is awarded an Efficiency Bonus of 500 points.


  • Target bubble clusters that already have two bubbles joined
  • Check the 'next input' to ensure that you're not blocking access to existing clusters
  • Join two clusters together to pop more than 3 bubbles in 1 shot

Learn how to assign a game activity here.

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