Distance Learning: Whole Class Online Lesson

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Blended Synchronous and Asynchoronous Learning uses a blend of technologies to enable remote students to jointly participate in the same live class for part of a lesson, then independently complete the set activities to achieve preset goals.

Use Mangahigh for a whole online lesson to:

  • get students immediately engaged! (Don't be late, or you'll miss the games!")
  • create space to be social, increasing collaboration and communication
  • increase teacher-student interaction, as Mangahigh provides a common focus
  • provide teachers with visible and instant progress monitoring
  • enable teachers to differentiate learning on-demand
  • bring in multiple nodes of expression! Even considering how to express oneself invites metacognitive awareness, a key component to successful distance learning

Lesson preparation (5-10 minutes)

Before start of class (5 minutes)

  • 5 minutes before class time, login to your Mangahigh Teacher Account
  • Click on CLASS ASSIGNMENTS and turn on Classroom Mode for the class (so they can’t play other activities during class). Suggest the students explore the game when class is over OR their learning objective is achieved!

Start with a Lesson Opener (15 minutes)

  1. Select the activity you want to discuss for this class
  2. Click PLAY so to open the activity in demo mode
  3. PLAY the activity once, discussing EASY > MEDIUM > HARD questions. Discuss interesting strategies to solve problems.

Asynchronous learning (15-20 minutes)

  1. Next, allow students to play the activities on their ASSIGNED list, while classroom mode is on. Allow 15-20 minutes for asynchronous learning.
    1. Remind students to answer 3 EASY questions in a row correct to move up to MEDIUM
    2. Use the HINTS or FREE SOLVE to support their learning
    3. Review skipped or incorrect questions, and celebrate mistakes as opportunities to learn
    4. Remind students to pass, answer 4+ Hard questions correctly
    5. Use Growth Mindset language to encourage productive struggle
  2. Let students know that you will turn off Classroom Mode after allocated class time, or they can 'unlock' classroom mode by achieving Gold standard for each activity assigned (in Prodigi, this means getting all Extreme level questions correct)
  3. Monitor performance data while students are continuing to work on their activities
    1. congratulate students that have achieved a medal. You can use the Mangahigh messaging system to do this.
    2. recommend and/or assign further activities based on understanding

Regroup and EXIT (5+5 minutes)

  1. Replay activity and reach EXTREME level questions, discussing strategies (5 minutes)
  2. Turn off classroom mode
  3. Direct students to:
    1. medal all remaining activities on Assigned list, reminding to meet the due date
    2. choose 2-3 Recommended activities before next session, and/or
    3. Reflection: seize the moment! Have students respond through creative reflection. Research shows that learners who experience material in more than one way (videos, podcasts, screencasts, video conferencing, visual, written, etc.) understand and retain material better, and for longer periods of time.

This is a great time to invite students to leverage online tools to create diagrams, audio responses, podcasts, and put together videos with their families; they can also write plays and conduct interviews.  Adobe Spark is a free platform for creating student work. Finally, consider out-of-the-box concepts that combine goals: ask students to familiarize themselves with their tools by interviewing a family member or friend. This will not only build confidence, but create social connection.

“Here’s a chance to imagine and try some new ways—because no matter what, we have to do things differently.”

We’d love to hear about the ways that distance learning and Mangahigh can serve you and your students. Please drop us a line and share your stories with us!

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