Advanced Addition using 'Beavers Build It!'

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Ages 5-12

  • Adding to 10 and 20
  • Multiples of 2, 5 and 10
  • Adding fractions


Use your addition skills to build a wall alongside a team-mate.

Each player (you and your team-mate) is provided with your own independent sets of building bricks. In your game screen, you see your building bricks. Your team mate will see their own unique set of building bricks. By adding the value of the building bricks provided, provide suggestions to your team mate on the various height the wall could be. Use these bricks to 'build' the highest wall possible, matching the suggestions by your team mate.

  1. Take a look at your building bricks. Using addition, decide the various 'height' the different combinations of these bricks can construct (add them up!). In this example, we can construct a wall with 2½, 2¼, ¾, ½, or ¼ in height. These are your suggestions.
  2. Click on the suggestion card, and enter your suggestions. Remember to click 'tick' to register each suggestion. Your list of suggestions appear on your speech bubbles above you, which your team mate can see on their screen.
  3. At the same time, your team-mate is also entering their suggestions, based on their set of building bricks. Your team-mate's suggestions appear in speech bubbles on the left (above them).
  4. Check your team-mate's suggestions to see if you can build a wall of any of the suggested height, with your building bricks. The aim is to build walls that are the same height on both sides (yours, and your team-mate's).
  5. Click on the speech bubble showing the height you can both build. (You don't need to complete all your suggestions, before accepting/selecting one).
  6. Once you have both agreed on a wall height, start building the wall by dragging and dropping the correct combination of building bricks onto the building site.
  7. On completion, a horizontal beam is lowered to check that both walls are the same height.

Continue to build additional levels. Your goal is to build as many levels as possible, within the time limit.


For each level of this game, complete the relevant level and beat the Target Score to earn a medal (Bronze, Silver, Gold).

  • Complete level >> Target Score >>> 100 (B), 145 (S), 225 (G)


  • As soon as you see a wall value that you can also build, select it by clicking on your team-mate's speech bubble.
  • Build as many levels as possible within the set time limit. So you would want to agree on a suggested height as quickly as possible, and start building!


  • Add the value of all Building Bricks together as the start. This would produce the highest value ie. the tallest wall.
  • Then gradually suggest other combinations of values from largest to smallest.

Learn how to assign a game activity here.

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