Winners of the Mangahigh Middle East Superhero Math Challenge - May 2024

Updated by Michelle

We are thrilled to announce that the winner of the recent Mangahigh Middle East Math Superhero Challenge is none other than Knights of Knowledge International School in Saudi Arabia!

Congratulations to all the brilliant minds at Knights of Knowledge for your outstanding performance and victory!

Knights of Knowledge students have not only excelled in mathematics but also set a new benchmark for enthusiasm and engagement in the competition. Your motivation and dedication were truly inspiring. The energy you brought, amplified by your vibrant posts across social media, created a buzz around the competition like never before. It was exhilarating to see such passion and camaraderie in celebrating mathematics!

Top 10 schools

Let’s also applaud the incredible effort of all schools that made it to the Top 10 leaderboard. Your hard work and competitive spirit have made this challenge a remarkable success.

Mangahigh Middle East Partner Schools Championship

Soon, we will also be hosting another Mangahigh Middle East Partner Schools competition later this year. We look forward to seeing even more of your creative energy and enthusiastic participation!

Once again, congratulations to Knights of Knowledge International School and all the top contenders. Let's continue to make learning fun and strive for excellence in every challenge.

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