Mangahigh's Gamification of Learning

Updated by Rodrigo

Games Based Learning (GBL) is the use of games or game like activities that allow students to both learn and practice curriculum aligned skills while engaging in a game like experience.
  1. GBL can increase engagement as students see a reward associated with their learning
  2. GBL can lead to healthy competition through the use of competitions/leaderboards and drive further enthusiasm for learning
  3. GBL should not be seen as a replacement for all other teaching methodologies, but as a complement to other teaching approaches. Mangahigh's most successful schools would tend to deliver 10% to 20% of their teaching through GBL
Mangahigh creates a game like experience every time you are answering mathematical questions. This makes the experience more engaging and rewarding for students.
  1. Correctly answering a question leads to points that allow students to compete on leaderboards
  2. The level of difficulty of questions adapt both up and down depending on student ability so that students feel just the right amount of pressure and work at the edge of their comfort zone
  3. Participation in multiplayer games like 'Sundae Times', 'Jetstream Riders' and 'Beavers Build It' allow students to engage in learning with others anywhere in the world

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