Centers & Learning Stations

Centers and learning stations are not just for elementary students! 

They are also a great way to break the traditional lesson structure of “I do, we do, you do” in secondary math classes. You can also use stations to strategically work with small groups on specific math content. Design the rotations so that students move to a discussion station with you right after the Mangahigh station. In the discussion station, you can help students clarify mathematical misunderstandings, discuss problem solving processes, and practice mathematical discourse.
  1. Define your learning intentions for groups of students who will travel together through the rotations
  2. Assign challenges, differentiating as necessary
  3. Students at the Mangahigh Station record a challenging problem to share or complete the Reflection sheet
  4. Students working on a Mangahigh challenge move to your teacher facilitated station on the next rotation to share a challenging problem or one from their Reflection sheet

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