Distance Learning: 15-Minute Online Lesson

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Blended Synchronous Learning uses online technology to enable remote students to jointly participate in the same live class.

Use Mangahigh as an Opener (Tune-In activity) via a short, live session to:

  • get students immediately engaged! ("Don't be late, or you'll miss the games!")
  • create space to be social, increasing collaboration and communication
  • increase teacher-student interaction, as Mangahigh provides a common focus
  • provide teachers with visible and instant progress monitoring
  • bring in multiple nodes of expression! Even considering how to express oneself invites metacognitive awareness, a key component to successful distance learning

Before start of class (5 minutes)

  • Ensure all students have their Mangahigh Student Access
  • Assign 1 Prodigi activity and 1 Game activity, set the due date as the scheduled class date (this will give students the remainder of the day after the live class to complete the activity). If class scheduling changes, you can change the due date of the activity before the due date.
  • You can add a notification when assigning activities, to help direct your students.
  • 5 minutes before class time, login to your Mangahigh Teacher Account
  • Click on CLASS ASSIGNMENTS and turn on Classroom Mode for the class (so they can’t play other activities during class). Suggest the students explore the game when class is over OR their learning objective is achieved!

During 15-Minute Lesson Opener

  1. Introduce the lesson concept, simply as a flipped-lesson style ‘let’s dive in.’ (Make sure to choose a topic everyone is reasonably comfortable with, since you aren’t providing instruction.)
  2. Direct students to their Mangahigh Student Page. Reminding them Classroom Mode is on which limits their view to only assigned activities
  3. Allow students to progress through the Mangahigh challenge concurrently (8-10 minutes)
  4. After 8-10 minutes, gather your class' attention:
    1. suggest a few strategies relating to the concept covered
    2. Encourage discussion, focusing on the problem-solving process
    3. Remind students to view skipped or incorrect questions, and celebrate mistakes as opportunities to learn
    4. Use Growth Mindset language to encourage productive struggle
    5. Review performance data; recommend or assign further activities based on understanding
  5. Fluency Practice: Play a Game! Select a Game, and play it together (5 minutes)
    Students play until they earn the highest medal possible, for a few minutes, to get them interested!

After the 15-Minute Lesson Opener, move on to your own lesson (30-40 minutes)

  1. Remind students of strategies covered, and how this relates to the concept you are covering today
  2. Run your non-Mangahigh lesson

5 minutes prior to end of class time

Remind students that Classroom Mode is still on, so students can continue with the activities assigned after allocated class time. They can 'unlock' classroom mode by achieving a Gold standard for each activity assigned.

Students can also use the messaging system to reflect on their own learning after the session.

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