How does Prodigi work?

Updated by Rodrigo

Prodigi is Mangahigh's learning quiz engine. On Prodigi, questions are carefully scaffolded. There are 4 levels of difficulties - starting at EASY to MEDIUM, then HARD and EXTREME questions. This way, students progressively answer questions higher level questions, only when they are showing proficiency.

Answer 3 questions in a row correct to move from EASY, up to MEDIUM

Ensure students use their mistakes to help them grow. This means, click on the red boxes, and show solution, learn from the mistakes before clicking on PLAY AGAIN.

When playing again, the quiz will start at the level that students had previously finished at.

Answer 4+ HARD questions correctly to pass (earn a Bronze medal).

At this level, students have met curriculum standard.

Students can challenge themselves further, and answer some Extreme questions. Answer 4+ HARD questions correctly, and remainder in EXTREME, to earn a Silver medal.

Students can push themselves further, and answer all 10 EXTREME questions correctly to earn a Gold medal.

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