How do I delete or modify assignments?

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Assignments that is currently active can be modified:

  • extend/change due date
  • add/remove student
  • delete the assignment

To do this, you'll need to first select the activity you want to modify.

METHOD 1: From the Class assignments list
  1. Click on Class assignments
  2. Select the activity
  3. Click EDIT

METHOD 2: From the Assignments Report
  1. Click on Reports
  2. Select the Assignments report
  3. Click on 'Show grid view'
  4. Select the activity
  5. Click EDIT

Once you have selected the activity to modify and clicked EDIT

NOTE: You can only modify activity that is current ie. due date has not passed yet

You can:

  • Delete assignment - click on the 3-dot menu to delete
  • Modify the start date for future assignments - click on the calendar icon
  • Modify the due date - click on the calendar icon
  • Enable/disable Prodigi timer - toggle on the switch
  • Add/remove students from the assignment - drop down arrow or tick/untick student(s) from the list
  • Add a new notification to your students

Finally, click DONE when you're ready. The new settings will take effect immediately.

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