What's your (math) aura?

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Published October 18, 2023

At the NCTM Annual Meeting and Expo 2023, held in Washington DC, Mangahigh introduced a FUN exercise, exploring the concept of a teacher's 'aura' as a tool for reflecting on the energy they bring into the math classroom.

Keeping in mind this is purely a theoretical exercise - Mangahigh further suggests the idea of bringing positive energy into math lessons by swapping out 1 math lesson per week with Mangahigh’s online math games and adaptive quizzes.

By demonstrating how a serious educational game based learning tool can be leveraged to invigorate math lessons, teachers discover new avenues for dynamic and engaging learning experiences to improve productivity.


Aura photography is a process that claims to capture the electromagnetic field, or "aura" around a person. It's important to note that this concept is not scientifically proven and falls into the realm of pseudoscience.

In aura photography, a specialized camera is used to take a photograph of a person. The camera supposedly translates the energy field around the person into colors, which are then superimposed onto the image.

The colors in aura photography are often associated with different emotions or states of being, according to practitioners.

The concept of an aura's electromagnetic field, as described in aura photography, does not have a scientific basis in mainstream physics or mathematics. While electromagnetic fields do exist around living organisms (due to the electrical activity in nerves and muscles), they are extremely weak and not visible or measurable in the way that aura photography claims.


The aura color guide that follows is a means to guide you to learn more about your aura.

There is no good or bad aura coloration or size.

An expansive area indicates an expressiveness, a desire for connection. An aura closer into the body can indicate an inward focus, the need for solitude, or health issues. Each color ray has wisdom to confer, including positive and challenging aspects.

RIGHT SIDE OF BODY energy going out. Recent past energy now being released and expressed.

LEFT SIDE OF BODY future energy that you are cultivating and calling.

CENTRE TOP present energy, consciousness, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

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