Webinar: Dr. Valerie Jones, Ron Clark Academy - Using Mangahigh for Distance Learning

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Presenter: Candace Stump (Director of Partnerships, Mangahigh.com) and Dr Valerie Jones (Ron Clark Academy)

Date of presentation: 30 April 2020

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Zoom Etiquette PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ek6Zgbi_qc1tJm1Jsy15DXPqZYSEf1pp/view?usp=sharing

Using Mangahigh for Distance Learning: Dr. Valerie Jones, Ron Clark Academy.


00:29:04          Laurie:   How do you overcome the challenge of so many of our students not having access to the internet or a suitable device during this time?

00:30:33          Abby Ingram: Yes, Laurie. Or the challenge of them understanding HOW to even use the websites? I teach 4th and this has been my main challenge.

00:36:01          Abby Ingram: Google Classroom/Google Meet sessions. We are limited by our district as to what services we can use.

00:37:20          Abby Ingram: Thank you!!

00:41:48          Candace Stump:           I love the emoji check-in! Going to do that with my team next time we meet. :)

00:42:28          Laurie:   I don't see the emoji option here.

00:42:42          Candace Stump:           :(

00:43:31          Laurie:   Now I see the reaction button

00:45:14          dana-gray:      Does it tell you how long they were attempting a lesson?

00:52:53          Laurie:   I have a question about what exactly is "attempts"?

00:54:53          Karina Ore:     what do you do when the students do not get a medal after several attempts?

00:55:38          Candace Stump:           If a student doesn’t get a medal after THREE attempts, that indicates they’re struggling with the HARD level, or grade level.

00:57:06          Candace Stump:           Then they’re a candidate for intervention. Unless you have a Special Education student, and you know that student needs more time with the EASY and MEDIUM questions.

00:58:26          dana-gray:      If a student is then a Intervention student, we should drop them to a lower grade level?

00:58:50          Candace Stump:           Yes! Assign a student activities at their own personal level.

00:59:43          Candace Stump:           They do not see the grade level of the activity.. they’ll just see you assigned it. :)

01:15:22          Candace Stump:           Ron Clark Academy

01:15:27          Candace Stump:           RCAEXP

01:16:23          Tricia Hamilton: What is the differences between this trial version and the “Upgrade”?

01:16:35          Kelly Johnston:  Thank you so much!

01:17:00          Karina Ore:     Can they compete with each other on a game at the same time?

01:17:02          Tricia Hamilton: Awesome!

01:17:29          Laurie:   Thank you. Hope to see more tutorials from Mangahigh.

01:17:30          The Bankston Family:  Could you upload the link for pricing, please?

01:17:57          dana-gray:      It's amazing to hear others talk about their experiences.  This has been great.

01:18:18          Karina Ore:     Thank You!

01:19:08          Abby Ingram: Is there a pricing breakdown we can have access to?

01:19:25          Laurie:   I teach multiple levels. Do I have to create multiple classes?

01:19:41          Karina Ore:     yes Laurie

01:19:53          Abby Ingram: Do you have an email we can reach out to you, Candace?

01:19:58          Candace Stump:           Yes!

01:20:07          Candace Stump:           My email: candace.stump@mangahigh.com

01:21:10          Candace Stump:           Danielle.taylor@mangahigh.com

01:21:59          Megan Cerbins: Thank you for all the information!

01:22:15          dana-gray:      Thank you so much!

01:25:20          dana-gray:      Please have her return!!!

01:25:22          Tricia Hamilton: Okay, thank you so much!

01:25:23          The Bankston Family:  Thank you very much!

01:25:35          Megan Cerbins: What were some of the ZOom games?

01:25:37          Abby Ingram: Thank you!!

01:25:48          Megan Cerbins: I wrote them down, but would love the spellings of what they are.... :)

01:26:25          @Dr_VCJones IG:         quiplash

01:26:45          @Dr_VCJones IG:         boogle

01:28:05          @Dr_VCJones IG:         Scavenger Hunt

01:28:48          Laurie:   Good night

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