Best Practices

Mangahigh’s Best Practices help you support success for all students.

Before Your Class Begins Working in Mangahigh
  • Decide how you will vary instructional strategies to avoid learner fatigue
  • Plan to use Mangahigh 3 times/week
  • Set a maximum of 3 assignments with the same due date
  • Turn off the Prodigi question timer for students with special needs
  • Play challenges before assigning them to anticipate student errors
On Your Class' First Day Playing Mangahigh
  • Orient your class to Mangahigh
  • Model and teacher talk your way through a couple of challenges projected to the whole class
  • With your students, generate a list of guidelines for Mangahigh time and post as a reminder for students
While Students Play Mangahigh
  • Facilitate mathematics/number talks and mini-lessons between 10-12 minute blocks of individual work
  • Circulate during students' work time, keeping an eye on the number of attempts each makes on a challenge
  • Encourage students to show work on paper and allow use of manipulatives
Encourage Parent's/Guardian's Support at Home

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