How do I use the Curriculum Report?

The Curriculum report tells you the completion rate for each student against the level that you've selected for the class as 'Curriculum Focus'.

To bring this report to life, ensure that your class has been set a 'Curriculum Focus'.

  1. Click the Reports menu link
  2. Click the Curriculum tile
  3. Click the date range displayed above the report tiles to change it
  4. View students' progression on the curriculum

Data Presented On Screen - Whole Class View
  • Completion Rate: The rate of activities passed within the chosen curriculum level
  • Completion rate for each student at the chosen curriculum level
  • Number of activities passed by each student Vs. number of activities that exist in the curriculum at that level
Data Presented On Screen - Individual Student View
  • Click student name to see individual student's data broken down by curriculum strands
  • Completion rate, number of attempts, highest medal earned to date
How to set curriculum focus?

Refer to this article: How to set Curriculum Focus for your class

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