Blended Lesson

Blended lessons provide adaptively differentiated learning and formative assessment data in a highly engaging environment. You won't spend time locating differentiated assignments and marking papers. Instead, you focus on what you love to do – working with students to facilitate understanding.

Students who are resistant to reworking pencil and paper based assignments will enthusiastically try the same challenge again and again to earn a medal and improve their medal level. Anxiety with keeping up in whole-group lessons is eliminated as students work at their own pace in a "fail-forward" learning environment. Students who are held back by the pace of whole group lessons can work through extension challenges.

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Blended Lesson Stages

Lesson Prep
  1. Assign 2 challenges
    Knowledge Building Activity: Select a Prodigi
    Fluency Practice: Select a Game
    Extension Activity: Direct students to play Recommended challenges.
  2. Decide to have students complete a Reflection sheet while working or an Exit Ticket at the end of the lesson. Download templates
  1. Opener: Display the TEACH ME questions for the class. Students show answers on mini whiteboards.
  2. Set students off to work. Remind them that their goal is a Bronze medal and that most students earn a Bronze after 3 tries.
Knowledge Building Activity
  1. 10-12 min. Students play the Prodigi challenge. Optional: students analyze errors on the reflection sheet.
  2. Circulate while students work, monitoring the number of attempts and common errors for the mathematics/number talk or mini-lesson.
Mathematics/Number Talk or Mini Lesson
  1. Present common errors then facilitate students’ discussion to share strategies. Encourage the use of mathematical language.
  2. Present “I noticed…” problems if students are reluctant to share or to highlight specific strategies you wish to emphasize.
Fluency Practice
  1. 10-12 min. Students continue Prodigi challenge until they earn a Bronze or higher.
  2. Students who earned a Bronze or higher on the Prodigi challenge play the Game challenge or continue the Prodigi to improve their medal.
Exit Ticket and Data Analysis
  1. (Optional) Students submit the Exit Ticket.
  2. Teacher reviews students’ data to decide whether students need review or are ready to move forward.

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