WEBINAR: Preparing for the May Maths Competition 2021 (Australasia)

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Presenter: Michelle Kueh, Teacher Success Coach (Asia Pacific)

Date of presentation: 23 April 2021

Title: May Maths Competition 2021 (Australia and New Zealand)

Contents covered: Competitions provide an extra incentive for students to do more maths work. Learn how the competition works, how teachers can help students succeed in maths using the activities on Mangahigh.

To register your participation, click here. The competition starts on 1 May 2021 and finishes on 31 May 2021.

(For Australian teachers, learn how you can use the competition to help your students prepare for NAPLAN)

There are two types of activities in Mangahigh:

  • Games - which help students with developing fluency skills
  • Adaptive quizzes - which help students develop deep conceptual understanding

Learn how students develop a Growth Mindset Workflow to success, as they persevere and reattempt tasks several times before passing.

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