How do I use the Class Assignments Data?

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Class assignments data shows you how your students performed and the number of attempts a student made before the due date. The assignment is marked "not attempted" when a student does not attempt the assignment before the due date.

View the Assignment Report or Grid View to find medal levels for activities that were completed after the due date.

Using data to inform your teaching:
  • Pay close attention to the number of attempts each student has made. This is listed below each student’s name. Most students earn a medal after 3 attempts
  • Offer support to students who have not passed after making 3+ attempts (this can help avoid learner frustration). When offering support:
    • remind students to review their mistakes before attempting again
    • assign a scaffolding activity
    • have students work on recommended activities then return to the assignment 
    • have the student work through the teach me section (Prodigi only)
    • make sure student uses scratch paper for calculations
    • provide manipulatives and mathematics tools
    • turn the timer off (Prodigi only)
    • teacher can open the activity directly from class assignment reporting for use as demo/teaching. Focus on the EASY and MEDIUM questions, then allow students to progress onto HARD questions. Read more about teaching with Mangahigh and watch sample lessons by Mangahigh's Lead Teacher
  • Where students have earned a Bronze medal in under 3 attempts, challenge the students to aim for a Silver or Gold standard by making more attempts. Encourage students to develop a Growth Mindset Workflow.

To View and Print Class assignment data:

  1. Click Class assignments
  2. Click the name of the assignment to view data
  3. View number of attempts, or Click EXCEL to download the assignment report for a single assignment

The EXCEL download shows you:

  • Students who were not assigned this activity
  • Students who did not attempt by the expiry date (due date)
  • Students who did not earn a medal by the expiry date (due date)

Students earn medals that correspond to their level of understanding for a specific learning objective instead of a letter grade or numerical score. Read more here...

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