WEBINAR: Neuroscience of Learning (23rd January, 2021)

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Title: Neuroscience of Learning - An educator guidebook for helping students achieved academic excellence

Presenter: Michelle Kueh, Teacher Success Coach (Asia Pacific)

Date of presentation: 23rd January, 2021

Duration: 1:11:22

Contents covered:

The latest research in neuroscience has afforded more insights into how our brain processes information, stores it in short and long term memory; and how we retrieve it (memory) for use as part of working memory for problem solving and growth. 

How does this relate to maths learning? With a focus on strategic games design to engage, motivate and have students commit to maths learning, this session investigates a gamer’s brain to understand how it responds to various educational technology, and how games-based inspired lessons can result in powerful growth and development in maths learning.

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