There are numerous benefits to students and teachers when Mangahigh challenges are assigned for homework.
  • Students are motivated to give their best effort
  • Homework can be completed from any location with wifi or cellular data access
  • Prodigi challenges begin with questions that should be easy for a student to answer
  • Challenges adapt to keep learners from becoming frustrated
  • Students' work is graded and recorded in a report for you
  • Unsuccessful students receive scaffolding challenges in their recommended list
  • Successful students receive stretch challenges in their recommended list

  1. Assign a Mangahigh challenge
  2. Students complete the Mangahigh challenge,
    1. Prodigi: Students play at least 3 times to earn the highest medal possible
    2. Games: Students play until they earn the highest medal possible, for at least 15 minutes
  3. Review the assignment performance data

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