Mathematics Mastery with Mangahigh

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Mastering mental mathematics is pivotal for comprehensive mathematical understanding. Students equipped with strong mental math skills exhibit greater confidence when tackling new concepts.

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Explore the array of activities in Mangahigh's latest 'MASTERY' folder to empower your students in mathematics. Complementing these online exercises, downloadable worksheets are available below for added practice.

Early Numeracy (recommended for students aged 5-8):

Times Tables Mastery (recommended for students aged 8-11):

Mental Math Mastery (recommended for students 10-14):

Introduction to Algebra (recommended for students aged 12-15):

What activities will your students be completing to achieve mastery?

Students will be completing a combination of online and offline (printable) worksheets (worksheets as above). Download the full list of online activities.

How does Mangahigh support your school?

Mangahigh provides access to schools, to help students fast-track their learning by completing a list of pre-assigned mathematics mastery activities. Students can track their own progress using their PROGRESS report.

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