Mathematics Mastery with Mangahigh

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Mental Mathematics Mastery supports mathematical learning and understanding. Children with a strong grasp of their mental mathematics skills tend to be more self-assured when learning new concepts.

You can use the activities found under Mangahigh's new 'MASTERY' folder to help your students master their mental mathematics. 

There are 4 Mathematics Mastery folders:

  • Early Numeracy (suitable for students aged 5-8)
  • Times Tables (suitable for students aged 8-11)
  • Mental Mathematics (suitable for students aged 10-14)
  • Algebra Foundations (suitable for students aged 12-15)

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How does Mangahigh support your school?

Mangahigh provides access to schools, to help students fast-track their learning by completing a list of pre-assigned mathematics mastery activities. Students can track their own progress using their PROGRESS report.

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What activities will your students be working on?

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How to Succeed on Mangahigh

On Mangahigh, successful completion of a mathematics activity is indicated by achieving a Bronze, Silver or a Gold standard.

Students will need to answer 4+ Hard questions correct to earn a Bronze standard.

  • Bronze = 4+ Hard question correct
  • Silver = 3+ Hard questions, and remainder in Extreme correct
  • Gold = Aim for all 10 Extreme questions correct

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