A learning activity that students play. Mangahigh has two types of challenges, Prodigi and games.

Prodigi Challenge

A learning challenge that is used as a constructivist approach to learning and for formative assessment of learning.

Each challenge:

  • Communicates the learning intention to the student but does not show a grade level
  • Allows students to access hints and stepped out solutions
  • Contains 10 questions at 4 levels of difficulty:
    • Easy - Scaffold to the learning objective
    • Medium - Further scaffolding to learning objective
    • Hard - Questions that align to learning objective
    • Extreme - Extensions beyond the learning objective

Game Challenge

An arcade-style learning game that aligns with learning objectives. Learn More

Medal Score

Students earn medals to show how well they understand the learning objective. Learn More

Gold - Far Above Standard

Silver - Above Standard

Bronze - At Standard


The application of game elements to motivate and engage students. Mangahigh is designed on a gamified platform that includes medals, points, school trophies, leaderboards, and achievement badges. Learn More

Game Based Learning (GBL)

The application of game elements to teach a certain skill or to meet a learning objective. The game is the the learning tool and progress depends on performance. Mangahigh's GBL gives students a risk-free environment with quick restarts that encourage students to try again. Students play challenges that adapt to their understanding, providing differentiated instruction for the whole class simultaneously. Learn More


Leaderboards show the top 10 schools in your area and at your school. Learn More

Fai To

An element of gamification in Mangahigh. Schools challenge a defender to try to capture their trophy. Learn More

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