Distance Learning for students impacted by COVID-19

Updated by Michelle

We are aware of COVID-19 negatively impacting education around the world; hundreds of thousands of schools have temporarily been closed to reduce the risk of spreading. This means that children are missing out on education and their day-to-day life is disrupted.

Here at Mangahigh we are trying to find ways to help.

To keep students from falling behind on their regular curriculum, teachers (and parents) have been tasked to explore distance learning. We want to make this as easy as can be.

Instant access for teachers, parents and students

You will have instant access to Mangahigh once you've signed up.

For teachers, you will be able to create your class immediately, and share a CLASS INVITE LINK with your students, so they can join you.

For parents, you will be given the opportunity to create your child's account upon sign up, so your child can get started instantly.

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