How does AI (artificial intelligence) recommendations work?

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Published October 1, 2023

It starts with algorithmically organised activities based on a maths learning progression

Let's dive into why we're embracing the power of AI in education! Think of Mangahigh's AI as the compass guiding students through a maze of learning activities, each strategically placed based on their unique mathematics skills level. Each activity on Mangahigh - whether games or Prodigi adaptive quiz - has been organised algorithmically based on our mathematics learning progression. As such, every activity has an associated pre-requisite and post-requisite - it's like a secret code for unlocking mathematics mastery. Our AI acts as a trusty navigator for each student, analyzing the progress of every activity attempted and completed, then automatically making recommendations to bridge any gaps or offer extension work.

The ultimate side-kick for each teacher - AI automatically recommends additional activities for each student

Teachers are able to assign tasks - differentiated to suit the different sub-groups in your class. However, within each sub-group, and in handling a whole classroom of unique learners, each with their own math strengths and areas to conquer, true individualization can be a challenge. That's where Mangahigh's AI steps in as the ultimate sidekick, ensuring no one's left in the shadows. But here's the cool part - we're not flipping through different chapters in a textbook, everyone's still in the same chapter! The AI checks out what you assigned, then taps into its magical bag of recommendations to ensure each student is on track with the class.

Students simply click on the 'recommended' tab on their student dashboard to access these recommendations.

Now, why are we embracing this technology with open arms? Because it's about having a tailor-made individualized pathway for learning. Every kid gets their own journey, but they're all learning and mastering the same topic! The best part? No one's missing out or left behind, and everyone's learning at their own speed.

But here's the real magic - our AI isn't just a tutor, it's like having a personal coach for every student! It's the cheerleader when they're in a pickle, and the high-five when they conquer. And for teachers, it's like having an extra set of eyes and hands in the classroom, making sure each child's mathematics journey is as amazing and unique as they are. Together, we're turning mathematics learning into an epic adventure where no one's left behind!

So, let's celebrate the power of technology in education. With AI by our side, we're not just teaching mathematics - we're creating lifelong learners, explorers, and problem solvers, ready to conquer any challenge that comes their way.

Download Mangahigh AI explainer in English (UK) and English (US)

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