Kickstart 2024 with Mathematics Mastery!

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Mangahigh's mission is to make mathematics a joy to learn. By combining clever adaptive quizzes with engaging games, students take agency in their learning while building long term memory of their skills. Mangahigh isn't just about equations and formulas; it's about fostering a love for mathematics. Developed based on extensive research, our platform is crafted to help students discover joy in their mathematics learning journey using embedded rewards, celebrating micro-goals, all to help build long term memory.

This year, kickstart the new year with Mangahigh's times table mastery program (for primary students aged 10-12) and mental mathematics mastery program (for upper primary to lower secondary students).

For a limited time, use promo code 'KICKSTART2024' and receive this program for free.

See below a preview of the types of tasks your students will be completing as part of the mastery program.

  1. Getting started on Mangahigh - print student logins and assign activities

  1. Primary - Times Table Mastery - Preview activities for teachers

  1. Secondary - Mental Mathematics Mastery - Preview activities for teachers

By joining our program, your students will ease into their mathematics learning journey this year with engaging activities tailored to their level, fostering confidence and enthusiasm for the subject.

Join us on this educational adventure, where maths isn't just numbers—it's a collection of thrilling games waiting to be explored.

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