Can I teach the new New South Wales Maths syllabus with Mangahigh?

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Mangahigh – Your Partner for the new 2023 New South Wales Maths Curriculum

Published 23/08/2023

At Mangahigh, we are excited to support the latest New South Wales maths curriculum by offering an innovative online learning platform that aligns seamlessly with its objectives. Our platform is inherently designed to support ‘Working mathematically’ by fostering students' mathematical proficiency through the processes of communicating, understanding and fluency, reasoning, and problem solving.


We encourage teachers to use Mangahigh as part of a blended learning programme. By using it in the classroom, in combination with the many offline resources (such as printable activities, assessments and mastery progressions, students can enhance their communicating skills by engaging in collaborative discussions, sharing their problem-solving strategies, and presenting their mathematical reasoning using our interactive digital tools. Our platform and support material help to stimulate a vibrant community for students to interact with peers, receive constructive feedback, and refine their ability to articulate complex mathematical concepts effectively.

Understanding and Fluency

We understand the importance of building understanding and fluency, which is why Mangahigh provides individual learning paths. Our adaptive quizzes and games cater to each student's proficiency level, ensuring a solid foundation while progressively challenging them with more advanced problems as they progress. This tailored approach encourages students to grasp mathematical concepts at their own pace.


Reasoning is at the heart of Mangahigh’s approach. Our platform features interactive games and quizzes that stimulate critical thinking and logical analysis. By engaging with these thought-provoking activities, students develop the ability to think creatively and apply mathematical principles in diverse contexts.


Mangahigh excels at nurturing problem-solving skills. With over 1,000 activities, our extensive collection of problems covers a wide spectrum of complexity, requiring students to devise strategies and explore multiple avenues to reach solutions. Immediate feedback and step-by-step solutions empower students to refine their approaches and enhance their problem-solving prowess.

In line with the curriculum’s emphasis on self-reflection, Mangahigh promotes a growth mindset in students by embedding principles of positive psychology throughout the platform. Students are led to reflect on their progress by means of visual representations of their journey, and are encouraged to revisit solutions, and engage in self-assessment. By integrating these features, we support student resilience and help them to develop ‘mathematical habits of mind’.

Mangahigh is committed to supporting the overarching ‘Working mathematically’ outcome by offering a comprehensive online learning experience. Our platform's support for collaboration, adaptive learning paths, critical thinking activities, diverse problem sets, and reflective tools combine to help students become mathematically proficient, in keeping with the principles of the new New South Wales maths curriculum.

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